2023 - 2024 Planning Applications

Amber Hill Parish Council is a Statutory Consultee for Planning Applications. Any decisions and comments made by the Parish Council will be reported to the Planning Officer. The Planning Authority is Boston Borough Council and they will issue the final decision notice.  

Full details can be found in the Planning Application section on BBC Planning Portal


7th July 2023

Proposed single storey rear extension at Amber House Farm Barn, Sutterton Drove, Amber Hill, Boston, PE20 3RS

Application Reference:  B/23/0204 - Link to Planning Portal


7th June 2023

Proposed construction of an outdoor kitchen/dining area, carport and garage  buildings at Bluebell House Lineside, Amber Hill, Boston PE20 3QZ

Application Reference: B/23/0188 - Link to Planning Portal



3rd May 2023

Proposed construction of a detached garage at Willow Cottage, Sutterton Drove, Amber Hill, Boston, PE20 3RQ

Application Reference: B/23/0143 - Link to Planning Portal

Outcome: Favourable with conditions

21st January 2023

Proposed Change of use from agricultural use to Class B8 light distribution (works already started/completed) at Willtrans Ltd, Tractor Shed off Ullyatts Drove, Boston PE20 3RE

Application Reference: B/23/0059 - Link to Planning Portal           

Outcome:  Permission denied