Minutes of the meeting of Amber Hill Annual Parish meeting held on 20th March 2023


Present:                       Cllr Chris Stephenson, Cllr Elizabeth Gadd, Cllr Nigel Hardy, Cllr Ros Bowler, Cllr Rachel Hunn, Cllr Grahame Winman

Also Present:               Cllr M Brookes (LCC), N Bush (Clerk)

Public Forum               2 members of the public


Meeting started 7.03 pm


22/065 Apologies for absence and reasons given.

Cllr Jane Webb gave apologies, it was resolved to accept the apologies.


22/066 Draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th May 2022 to be confirmed and signed as minutes.

It was resolved to accept the above draft minutes.  They were confirmed as minutes and signed by Cllr CS.


22/067 To receive the report from Amber Hill WI

AMBER HILL W I Annual Report 2022-2023


During 2022 our W.I. started to begin to come back to normality, meeting one and other and catching up after such a long period of Covid restrictions. At our regular monthly meetings members enjoyed a variety of speakers.

We celebrated the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our version of a good old fashioned street party though inside the hall. We held our usual Birthday and Christmas parties.


Sadly, we lost two members, especially Cindy Smith who was a long serving member and had to step down as President in 2021 due to illness though she still stayed on and supported the Committee until her death last October, she is greatly missed.


We look forward to this coming year and in April we are holding a Fashion Show instead of our usual party to celebrate our birthday.


June Orford




22/068 To receive the report from Amber Hill Playing Field

No report received.


22/069 To receive any further reports.

None received.


22/070 To receive the Chairman’s Report on Parish Council Activities for the past year.

Thank you to my fellow Parish Councilors for all their support during the past year and a huge appreciation to our dedicated parish clerk, Nicky; we would be lost without you.

Crime has thankfully been relatively quiet this year.  New legislation has put a stop to most of the hare coursing.

The Viking Link project is nearing completion and Claydyke Band has a lovely stretch of new tarmac.  A shame it didn’t reach Chapel Lane.

Planning has again majored on Class Q barn conversions in the parish.  The consultation on the East Heckington Solar Farm continues, with Ecotricity claiming the soil type is Grade 3 and therefore eligible.  The Government’s present policy is to not put solar on Grade 1 and 2 land.

The concerns and objections that we raised over the proposed Parliamentary electoral boundary changes have thankfully been considered and we shall remain in the constituency of Boston and Skegness.

We have had two resignations from the Parish Council this year.  Rachel Hunn has stood down following many years of service and Lucy Evans has left the area.  Thank you both.

Grahame Winman has joined us and brings new skills to our team.  Welcome Grahame.

The precept has been raised to £3,716 for 2023-24.

Cllr C Stephenson

Meeting closed 7.09 pm