Minutes of the meeting of Amber Hill Annual Parish meeting held on 15th March 2021



Present:                       Cllr Chris Stephenson, Cllr Elizabeth Gadd, Cllr Jane Webb, Cllr Ros Bowler, Cllr Rachel Hunn,

Also Present:               Cllr M Brookes (LCC), Cllr C Sharman (Borough) Cllr G Cornah (Borough)

Public Forum              


Meeting started 7.13 pm

20/053 Apologies for absence and reasons given.

Cllr Nigel Hardy gave apologies, it was resolved to accept the apologies.


20/054 Draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th March 2020 to be confirmed and signed as minutes.

It was resolved to accept the above draft minutes.  They were confirmed as minutes and Cllr RH agreed that she would sign them electronically.


20/055 To receive the report from Amber Hill WI

Report from Amber Hill W I 2021

Unfortunately due to COVID 19 restrictions we have only been able to hold 2 meetings this year. We hope that as soon as it is possible, we will be able to start again with our full and varied programme as always.

Our meetings are held at Hubberts Bridge Community Centre monthly, and if anyone would like any details regarding these please contact me, Cindy Smith on 01205 367890.

Cindy Smith, president of Amber Hill W I


20/056 To receive the report from Amber Hill Playing Field

Due to the various coronavirus restrictions, we have not been able to hold our meetings or AGM, but the playing field books are up to date and have been audited, the current balance of the Playing Field account is £2,961.27 and we have 4 parishioners that make a small monthly direct debit donation.

Following the government guidelines on various lockdowns and updates we put notices on the gates etc and closed parts off as was deemed necessary. 
Coming out of the lockdowns we disinfected the touch points, play equipment, gates and seats.
We have also advised people via Facebook to use hand sanitiser and wipes, plus a reminder to wash hands on returning home.
Chris Firths team continues to cut the grass satisfactorily.
We will need a few volunteers to pick up litter etc as we move into the summer, as Jackie is now working, I will put a plea out on the Facebook page.

Chairman of the Trustees
Jane Webb


20/057 To receive any further reports

None received



20/058 To receive the Chairman’s Report on Parish Council Activities for the past year

Thank you to my fellow parish Councilors for all their support during the past year and huge appreciation to our parish clerk Nicky for all the hard work and guidance.

Most of our meetings have been via Zoom this year due to Covid 19, and we look forward to meeting in person again very soon.

Crime has been generally quiet, except for a few hare coursing incidents, including two arrests in the parish.

The Tritton Knoll cable route project has been completed in the parish and funding from the project has provided us with a new noticeboard which will be erected soon after lockdown.

Work on the Viking Link cable route is underway in the parish.

Locally, planning on the Boston West golf course site has been approved to develop 300 holiday lodges and is now owned by the holiday company “Away Resorts” who also own Tattershall Lakes.

Following the resignation of Sheryl Fraser, we now have a vacancy to fill on the parish council.

The precept has been raised to £3,499 for the coming year.

Cllr C Stephenson



Meeting closed 7.19 pm